Teresa Stewart CCH, C.HP

Classical homeopath, dedicated to her clients health and well-being

Practicing homeopathy since 2007. She has a successful practice in St Louis Park, MN and is also part of Minnesota Center of Homeopathy. She is certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification and a graduate of the Northwestern Academy ofHomeopathy


Teresa has a background in finance, working in corporate America for many years, before pursuing her life long passion for health and healing. 

Homeopathy has been an integral part of Teresa's life since 1993, when she was first introduced to homeopathy for her own health. She was living and raising her family in Australia, where she fell in love with homeopathy. 

Homeopathy itself is a process of regaining health and during which, it can heal very deeply. 

"Homeopathy had such a profound affect on my health that I just couldn't ignore. I knew right then that I had to learn all I could about homeopathy" says Teresa

People seek homeopathic support for many reasons; both acute, general overall health support and chronic or ongoing (constitutional) complaints ranging from headaches, allergies, hormonal issues, anxiety and depression, to name only a few examples. 

Homeopathy is very unique and individualized to each person, taking into account each person and their whole overall system. 

As a practitioner, Teresa's inspiration comes from seeing her clients regain their health and enriching their lives. She enjoys working with people of all ages. 

"Everyone is unique and wherever the client is on his or her personal journey is where I begin the journey with them," she says. "Working with my clients is an absolute joy and I am honored to be on the healing journey with them".

Teresa has an office in St. Louis Park, MN additionally she works with clients remotely across the US and around the world.