Teresa Stewart

A classical homeopath, dedicated to her clients health and well-being.

Practicing homeopathy since 2007 and currently serving on the board of the       Minnesota Homeopathic Association. Teresa is a graduate of Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and had her own successful practice in Minneapolis' Linden Hills community before joining the Minnesota Center of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy itself is a process of regaining health and during which, it can heal very deeply. It has been an integral part of Teresa's life since 1993 when she first experienced it while living Australia and raising her family.

People seek homeopathic treatment for both acute (one time) and chronic (constitutional) complaints ranging from ear infections and first aid to headaches, allergies and depression, to name only a few examples. During the course of therapy, Homeopathy seeks to address a wide range of issues, thus supporting the wellness of the whole person.

As a practitioner, Teresa's inspiration comes from seeing her clients regain their health and enriching their lives. She enjoys working with people of all ages. "Everyone is unique and wherever the client is on his or her personal journey is where I begin the journey with them," she says. "Working with my clients is an honor"