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Are vaccinations truly immunizing our children?
To date, vaccine marketing has instructed us that vaccination is the only method of immunization we have. There IS another choice. We are all in agreement that keeping our children healthy is the top priority.
True health is not just a matter of producing antibodies to specific diseases. If this were the case we wouldn’t be seeing outbreaks of diseases such as mumps or pertussis in fully vaccinated populations. True health is a multi-faceted process. It includes sometimes getting sick.  Exposure to microbes teaches the immune system to recognize and mount an appropriate response to bacteria and viruses.  Microbes are all around us, inside of us and on our skin. Disease is not separate from us. The complex task of keeping these microbes in balance begins on the first day of life. It happens by contact with life itself!
Inoculating against specific germs by injecting antigens, mixed with preservatives, adjuvents and foreign DNA directly into the bloodstream is not a sustainable answer to the immune system enjoying long term health. Health is about more than forcibly producing antibodies. On his deathbed Louis Pasteur said “I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything."
Homeoprophylaxis (HP) address the terrain. It educates the immune system to recognize a disease and either repel it or mount an effective immune response. HP is the harmonious interface of microbes and the human vital force. Harmony is necessary to strike a balance and maintain homeostasis. The fear of disease is a well-wrought marketing device that promotes symptoms as the enemy.
Symptoms are nothing more than expressions of the whole organism in an attempt to correct itself and find balance to survive and flourish. When we listen to the expression and address it in a holistic way, there’s a positive outcome. We are designed, as human beings, to expand and grow and to survive. We are programmed to self-heal, given the right environment and ingredients – love, nurturing, nutrition, stimulation and challenges. Our immune systems are attuned to this process.
The perceived reduction of symptoms by use of anti-pyretics, antibiotics and other over-the-counter products is a false solution and ultimately stagnates the system at the expense of true health.
Homeoprophylaxis respects the natural balance between bacteria, viruses, and human beings. We have all shared this planet for millennia. We depend upon bacteria for our survival. HP provides a way to live in concert with these organisms and thrive. HP educates the immune system in a gentle way, allowing maturation to occur naturally and safely. HP is delivered by mouth, traveling through the gut where 70% of all immunity resides.  Used for over 200 years in many countries around the world, there has never been a death or injury from HP. Abundant evidence of its effectiveness exists.
If we agree that our children’s health is a priority, we must also agree that keeping them safe with natural forms of immunization, allowing them to inherit a sustainable planet, is essential.
To learn more, read “There Is a Choice – Homeoprophylaxis” or attend the upcoming “Immunity Through the Ages” seminar in Portland, Oregon on May 5th.

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